When it comes to Local Internet Advertising make sure you get the right advise.In this business most clients don’t understand how all of this “local Advertising” and “Google Maps Placement” works, and why should they? Our clients job is to run their business as best they possibly can. Most small business owners wear many hats, and never have the time to make to learn about some of these very complex topics. This unfortunately can lead to small business owners getting taken advantage of. Here is some of our advice we have always given to small businesses, when their looking for internet marketing providers.

  • Don’t sign contracts… EVER!
  • Ask for success examples of some of their clients, and were they rank on the internet.
  • Ask for testimonials and contact a few.
  • Find out what services are included in any package being offered, eg. do you get LIVE customer support? over the phone? in person?
  • Never allow an Internet Marketing Company take control of your domain name.
  • Never let an internet marketing Company take control of phone numbers that are forwarded to your main line, unless you own those numbers. This is important.
  • Will your website be on a dedicated IP or a shared IP? Furthermore will your website be on a dedicated or shared server?
  • Will you require and SSL?

It’s a great idea to consult with someone in the business. iLocal USA provides unbiased factual advice regarding Internet Marketing absolutely FREE. All you have to do is call us and ask the questions, we will provide expert advise, whether you decide to do business with us or not.