Make a POST request to with the following query parameters and authorization header: If successful, the response body will be a JSON representation of your refreshed Chatbot token: The first place to look is on our Developer Forum. Must match with Development or Production Redirect URI in your OAuth app settings. Request a Publishable URL (for your app in Zoom Marketplace) which will, once approved by Zoom, allow the customer to install your app with the Publishable URL. Make sure to use the new access and refresh tokens each refresh. Select OAuth as the app type and click on Create. "Authorization: 'Basic ' + Buffer.from(your_app_client_id + ':' + your_app_client_secret).toString('base64')", Request Access Token with Authorization Code (Node.js), Request Access Token with Client Credentials (Node.js), The user authorizes the app and the app receives an, The app calls the Zoom API to access requested resource by including the, After the Zoom API server authenticates the app, it sends back the. This could be a URL like ‘’, which we explore in our Webhook reference. The generated token is then used each time the REST Web API is called, saving an authorization step every time the REST Web API … Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, conference, huddle, and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms. If you do not have an Office 365 account, you can sign up for the Office 365 Developer Program to get a free Office 365 subscription.. In this post you will learn how to call Zoom REST API using SSIS. Power up your conference rooms with video, Full-featured, easy-to-use, engaging webinars, Expand traditional classrooms in the cloud, Improve customer experiences & communications, Increase productivity & engagement for all agencies, Enabling HIPAA-compliant telehealth technology & workflows. Then the customer is in control of how your app accesses their account. e.g. To provide user context in your app installation, attach a state query parameter to the redirect_uri parameter of the install link. Steps to create a … Make a POST request to the Zoom Authorization Endpoint URL. To get the token with this API, ask the user to sign into Zoom using their email and password instead. If your app is a JWT app, no scopes are needed as your app will only have access to information within your Zoom account. Create local test URLs to test your app locally in your dev environment. Then the user’s access token can be requested. Use development credentials while you are building and testing your app. Note: This endpoint uses the /me context. OAuth with Zoom Now it has been resolved. Make requests to the Zoom API by sending the access_token as the Authorization Bearer header. Now it is working fine as mentioned in the document. To revoke a users access token, make a POST request to with the following query parameters and authorization header: If successful, the response body will be a JSON success object: When directing a user to authorize your app, attach a state query parameter to the install link. Zoom offers a range of authentication methods such as SAML, OAuth, and/or Password based which can be individually enabled/disabled for an account. To learn more about how you can start using OAuth in your app, read the OAuth with Zoom guide, followed by the Quickstart - OAuth tutorial. Tasks / Components used in this article. Follow Step 2 in Requesting an Access Token to obtain an OAuth Access Token. Request publication once your development is complete if you intend to publish your app in the Zoom Marketplace. Zoom is committed to helping our users understand the rights and obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect on May 25, 2018. In many cases, Event Subscriptions can replace the need for repeated API calls. Hey @jerry2491,. The email address used must be a valid domain, and an operational email address we can confirm during the review process." If user authorizes the request, the user is redirected to the app’s. Notice the code returned in the redirect URL. Thank you so much for the very detailed response. Once your managed domain application is approved, all existing and new users with your email address domain will be added to your account. The first place to look for help is on our Developer Forum, where Zoom Marketplace Developers can ask questions for public answers. This is a required step to secure your app and prevent unwanted tampering with your app during installation. Although you can subscribe to as many events as needed for each event subscription, you can only have a maximum of ten event subscriptions per app. The OAuth protocol defines four specific roles and these roles are actively involved in the process of authentication flow with Zoom APIs: Note: In this document, you will see the term “Client” and “app” being used interchangeably. There was a issue in my update query. We will use SSIS REST API Task and JSON Source (see below). The following steps give you an overview of the Authorization Code Grant flow: The Client Credentials grant is used to get access token for APIs that do not need a user’s permission, but rather a service’s permission. Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program View Certificate.{userState}&code=obBEe8ewaL_KdyNjniT4KPd8ffDWt9fGB. Visit your App’s Dashboard on the Zoom App Marketplace. : Build the app using your Zoom account, and provide the code to the customer. If successful, the response body will be a JSON representation of your user: Access tokens expire after one hour. Zoom has user level scopes, admin level scopes and master scopes. To setup access credentials and request scopes for your app, create an OAuth app on the Marketplace. To retrieve this access token, you must first create an OAuth app on the Marketplace. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, OAuth 2.0 - Authorization - Documentation. Access tokens expire after 1 hour. Because this is not authorized or used by any sort of company, is it automatically not eligible to be used by other accounts? Thanks The Zoom API allows developers to safely and securely access information from Zoom. Follow the Create an OAuth App guide for a full walkthrough. The FeatureLayer API provides a method called queryExtent(), which allows you to calculate the full extent of features at runtime that statisfy a given query. Marketplace, JOIN Meeting Created, Meeting Started, and Meeting Ended. (Alcoholics Anonymous). No Zoom Customer will be able to install your app until these criteria are satisfied. OAuth 2.0 supports various grant types. Above error indicates that your refresh token is replaced with new one in Zoom account but you are trying to send the obsolete token… Make sure yo are storing the original refresh token value in DB and use it when generating the request. You can see development and production credentials. Zoom can map attributes to provision a user to a different group with feature controls. The latest refresh token must always be used for the next refresh request. Thank you so very much for your time, patience, and clarity on how I can proceed. If your app is meant to be used only by yourself or by users that are in your Zoom account, it is recommended that you use JWT for authentication. Communications are established using 256-bit TLS encryption and all shared content can be encrypted using AES-256 encryption, and optional end-to-end encryption. a Demo, SIGN Recordings can be stored on the host’s local device with the local recording option or on Zoom’s cloud with the Cloud Recording option (available to paying customers). My last question I’m seeking some clarity on has to do with the Zoom Marketplace Developer Agreement. To create an Event Subscription, click the toggle on. If called from the client side, CORS errors will be thrown. If you app enables the Event Subscription (Webhooks) feature, once the app is installed, those webhooks will continue to flow to the endpoint you defined until: The access_token is not needed in this case, but you will want to employ the Event Subscription’s “Verification Token” as means to prevent request-spoofing (so you know the HTTP POST Request is coming from Zoom). The supported authorization workflow requires the value `code`. Would you be able to provide any information about how something that is more like a network of small “organizations” could be approved to utilize the Zoom API? Let me know if @yogimonk’s suggestions help.. Make sure to use the new access and refresh tokens each refresh. What is the solution please? If you think you may have found a security vulnerability within Zoom, please get in touch with our security team. We expect lone wolf developers to operate and conduct themselves like an ethical business if they want their apps published to Zoom App Marketplace (for mass distribution). Once your app is published, it will only be permitted to access the resources granted to it by its authorized scopes. Using OAuth 2.0. A MEETING, Request The intention is for the app to receive webhooks from consented Zoom accounts. Scopes: user:read:admin user:read Rate Limit Label: Light If a user signed into Zoom using Google or Facebook, a null value will be returned for the token. In this page, you can optionally enable some additional features such as Event Subscriptions and Chat subscriptions for your app. Optionally, you can also use the me keyword as the value of the userId which represents the authenticated user. The meeting host can manage their recordings through the secured web interface. Zoom supports the following two primary means for request authentication: OAuth 2.0 allows applications to obtain access to Zoom resources (such as the user’s profile information) that are made available via the Zoom API. All of the functionality works strictly based upon the webhooks, but it is required to be an OAuth app so that multiple accounts can install the application. But after 1 hour token becomes expired and when I try to generate new access and refresh token from my old refresh token then the new token is not working. Read more about Security Practices, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and GDPR notice. OAuth2 endpoints are located at To add additional Event Subscriptions, click + Add new event subscription again. These URLs will receive POST requests containing data on the notification for each subscribed event. The current access token to revoke that is valid and not expired. and Workspaces, Video Session keys are generated with a device-unique hardware ID to avoid data being read from other devices. To start using the OAuth protocol for your app’s authentication with Zoom, you must first create an OAuth app in the Zoom App Marketplace. Cloud Recordings are processed and stored in Zoom’s cloud after the meeting has ended; these recordings can be passcode protected or available only to people in your organization. Copyright ©2020 Zoom Video Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Within the realm of Zoom APIs, Client Credentials grant should be used to get access token from the Chatbot Service in order to use the Send Chatbot Messages API.