Lead Generating Websites

There is so much information on websites, so much that most internet searchers find themselves confused when they see your website simply for that the fact that they are inundated with information, and don’t have a clear understanding of what you do, and most important; you’re pricing.

Lead Generation

Generating leads from your website is all that really matters right? is that not the goal? Let’s say your a plumber in Tampa and you need leads, or perhaps a health insurance agent in Georgia, or maybe a roofer in Tampa. Regardless of what type of business you’re in, you need the phone to ring in order to close new business.

How to Get More Leads on the Internet

Well, we can start with a clear call to action, a great promotion or special and a solid way to get your online visitor to request some information. Perhaps get a coupon code, or some other incentive to give you a name and perhaps an email or in some cases a phone number. Here’s an idea: “We have a list of coupon codes and current specials” when the potential customer clicks on the text or associated image they will get a pop up asking them for their name and email to send your current specials and discounts.

If you would like iLocal USA to send you a list of our top 10 ways to get leads from your website call us today or simply send us your name and email. We will actually setup a lead capture for FREE on your website. No questions asked!