information about SEO back linksThe short answer is maybe. Do SEO Backlinks mean something? text SEO backlinks from other websites going to yours (inbound links) can have a positive effect on overall SEO when done correctly. When I say correctly I mean good anchor text (keyword rich) links from relevant sources that practice good or (white hat) SEO.

Furthermore, one way back links to your website are weighted based on link value. An example of this would be if the page linking to you had 10 other links going to other sites your link becomes devalued (10 fold). Should that same page have 20 or more links going to other websites it can be looked on by the search engine algorithms as link farms, and actually hurt your rank in the search results.

Another link consideration is where is the link coming from in terms of page depth? So if I have the perfect contextually keyword rich link coming from a page with good relevant information to a relevant page on my site, if the link is not coming from the home page it really has little to no value.

We have run extensive tests on this over the course of years, and in most cases the websites with the least one way links actually ranked higher. With that said, it is still important to implement in your overall SEO strategy, but it must be done correctly. We have found that great relevant content from relevant blogs have always given website owners a boost in Maps listings, so there is a reason to continue with the strategy. Just don’t listen to SEO companies that boast 100’s or 1000’s of back-links as a way to get great rank. It’s just not the truth.