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YouTube Marketing

This is an incredible value for $10. For any of you that want to take complete control of your own YouTube marketing I just purchased and would like to share. Here is the link


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Your Losing Business

If your not mobile ready. Again take a look at this article right off of Google that explains the new mobile algorithm update

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Get Leads From Your Website

Lead Generating Websites
There is so much information on websites, so much that most internet searchers find themselves confused when they see your website simply for that the fact that they are inundated with information, and don’t have a clear understanding of what you do, and most important; you’re pricing.
Lead Generation
Generating leads from your website is […]

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Mobile Internet Marketing

According to recent market studies by marketing research firm IDC, by the year 2014 smartphone shipments are projected to surpass 1 BILLION for the first time ever! This is just another astounding number in a long list of statistics that illustrate the recent smartphone and mobile device explosion. It is pretty apparent that the mobile […]

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Local Internet Marketing & Search

Local internet marketing not only gets you listed where customers are looking, but is also designed to help position your business above your competitors. But with so many businesses competing for a share of the first page, how can iLocal USA put my website and services in front of local searchers?

First, check out our local […]

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The Client Relationship

In this business most clients don’t understand how all of this “local Advertising” and “Google Maps Placement” works, and why should they? Our clients job is to run their business as best they possibly can. Most small business owners wear many hats, and never have the time to make to learn about some of these […]

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The Google Maps, Scam Don’t Fall For It!

I have received a number of phone calls from clients over the course of the last 6 months asking me if Google calls people to confirm their maps listings in Google Places.

NO! Google does not call you to confirm your Google Places (Maps) listing. The scam works like this: Someone calls and states they are […]

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Good Article Writing For SEO, It Can Help

Article writing is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Good article writing for SEO means keyword enriched article writing. Enriching does not mean to stuff your article with incoherent keywords just to optimize visibility. Article writing should be such that it appeals to the reader; and at the same time enhances […]

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Do SEO Backlinks Matter? Maybe!

The short answer is maybe. Do SEO Backlinks mean something? text SEO backlinks from other websites going to yours (inbound links) can have a positive effect on overall SEO when done correctly. When I say correctly I mean good anchor text (keyword rich) links from relevant sources that practice good or (white hat) SEO.

Furthermore, one […]

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Phone Scams! Watch Out For This

voice-message Here is a .wav file of a voice mail message left for me this morning from another scam artist. DO NOT get taken by these people. They do not work for Google, and they are lying to you. Updating your Google Maps listing is a FREE service from Google that we will be happy […]

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