Article writing for SEOArticle writing is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Good article writing for SEO means keyword enriched article writing. Enriching does not mean to stuff your article with incoherent keywords just to optimize visibility. Article writing should be such that it appeals to the reader; and at the same time enhances SEO for your website by linking specific, relevant keywords to pages within your website with relevant content. The article should be relevant and to the point. A simplified version of the technicalities is always welcome.

There is no approved theory or method for article writing. It is more or less like journal or blog writing. Article writing is all about common sense and how good a writer can describe a product. The trick lies in using key words and key phrases; if the ratio is right then the article will definitely appeal to readers and search engines.

Using Anchor Text is more of a technical aspect to article writing, but the knowledge of its usage increases online traffic. Let’s see how it works in optimization. Anchor text has got many other names like link text, link title etc. To put it simply it is the hyperlink that we find in a text or article. It works as a contextual reference to the respective article. It leads readers to the relevant sites or URLs.

Then naturally the question arises why is it important in article writing? Anchor text is used by search engines as an important meter of contextual relevance, website’s authority to decide on how the page should be ranked. It tops the search engine algorithm. In article writing using anchor text has some significant facets. Firstly, the article and the use of anchor text should have a relevance to the service or the product the company is offering. Secondly, do not use the URL anchor before the text based anchor. Thirdly, anchor texts should be dispensed properly through out the article or else it may be viewed by the serp’s as spam.

Article writing is not rocket science. Understanding the product or service and knowledge of the target buyer influence the article in a positive way. Furthermore,  if articles are distributed with proper and relevant anchor text they are bound to increase your online visibility. Understand that good article writing for SEO is both for the reader to understand, and the search engines to love!